sábado, 20 de enero de 2018


 ♥ Lisa Dress by Seniha Originals
Exclusive for Sense Event
♥ HandBag Female Elegant by BAXE
 Exclusive discount (120L set of poses - 35L individual poses)
Exclusive for Yin Yang Event
♥ Backdrop Open Red by KPoses
Exclusive for Swank Event

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viernes, 19 de enero de 2018


 ♥ Haley Mini Dress by YELIZ
 Exclusive for 68 Main Event
♥ Nailpolishes Ice Love by Plastik
♥ Eleflake Cookies by Plastik
♥ Pollari Stars by Plastik
♥ Yvette Hair by A&A
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 ♥ Ginevra Outfit by Giulia Design
 The outfit includes: shirt, skirt and high boots
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Catch Me

 ♥ Alia Thong by Bou Bou Ki
Exclusive for The Best Point Event
♥ Catch me Tattoo by MESANGE
Exclusive for ON9 Event 
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jueves, 18 de enero de 2018

Welcome Figure 8

 ♥ Travel Bar by Figure 8
The first official product
The Travel bar and its drinks are 100% original mesh. The bar gives out the 2 drinks as well that people and their friends can attach to their avatars.
 ♥ Phoebe Fitmesh Dress by Glitter
♥ Kelsa Hair by Firelight!!
 Exclusive for 68 Main Event
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 ♥ Lola Dress by Bou Bou Ki
for mesh body and in several colors
 Exclusive for 7th Midwinter Fair
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Under the same Moon

 ♥ Couple Pose 11 by PosESioN
Exclusive for XXX Event
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